The partnership

MEXPERT a small company, with a specific competence in training

Mobilizing Expertise AB (MEXPERT) is an efficient Swedish SME dealing with training, working in the Nordic, European and International framework with an ambitious mission: bringing people, places, and projects together to create a sustainable future for a better Sweden, a better European Union and a better world.
Our main five working areas are the followings:

  • project management;
  • training provision;
  • educational tools implementation;
  • mobilization of volunteers to professionalism; promotion of entrepreneurship.

We are a small team of experts from youth workers, integration officers as well as social workers and educators. We have a large local and national network within schools, VET providers and organisations to build up the competences of the people, mainly young, in order to work in social and education field. ProIFALL can count now on a network of 20 youngsters working in this direction.
We are delivering training modules, combining online courses, study visits and pragmatic knowledge, created within an international framework.  We implement non-formal, alternative and easy to use educational tools for educators, trainers, youth workers and leaders, volunteers and company staff.  We help people to bring their ideas into the reality through project management tools and process, having great experience in this field and we promote entrepreneurial values and the “think out of the box” approach. We help entrepreneurs to develop their business and how their business can be an added value for society through corporate social responsibility (CSR). We empower people’s competencies through creative and non-formal methods, such as filmmaking, photography, drama and theater. In this context we work with Svenska Kyrkan, Kompetens Center, Utbildning Centrum Örkelljunga, and Municipality of Örkelljunga of and IFALL, our NGO, which MEXPERT was born from, in order to better concentrate the activities on training valorizing the experiences performed in a more informal context. 

AIJUaiuj logo

a private not-for-profit organisation

The Asociacion de Investigacion de la Industria del Juguete (AIJU) started its activities in 1985 and currently has near 500 associated companies and a team of more than 80 experts. AIJU has agreements with chambers of commerce and helps entrepreneurs and companies to design their development plans. AIJU’s staff is multidisciplinary team that allows to cover projects from technological and social topics: Psychologists, Sociologists, Educators, Economists, Designers, Market Analysts, IT programmers, Engineers. AIJU is a technology centre that is at the forefront of ICT technologies. It also provides a vision of the World of Work in educational projects, providing real case studies and adapted to reality. With more than 5.000 square metres facility including modern equipment. Our institution is registered/accredited in the registry of centres and institutions for professional training for employment in the Valencian Region and also in the Spanish Public Employment Service. Accredited to teach professional certification programmes. During last year, AIJU developed 139 courses with more than 1600 participants and more than 7000 teaching hours.
AIJU has developed research projects on learning using mobile devices, games, augmented reality, virtual reality and investigating mixed reality technologies. Several JCR publications and patents have been developed. Moreover, AIJU has a team of experts in 2D and 3D design, animation, virtual and augmented reality programming and game development. It also has educators and experts in tailored suits to various targets. AIJU have also experts have UNITY 3D system and we have developed several projects with SMEs for creating APPs.

Bluebook srlBluebook srl logo

a small company, with a specific competence in social communication and in educational research

Bluebook’s profile is an “unusual” one in the entrepreneurial context since, the company always deals with social issues and collaborate with associations, schools, VET agency and public entities. In this context, BB gained significant experience in the course of about twenty years of activity. Imagining a world in which work and knowledge are an opportunity for personal growth and economic development, we have always worked to realise this idea. To enrich and integrate our activities we plan and carry out training activities, seminars, projects and publications, mainly focused on the concept of equal opportunities for all. In the field of non-formal education we work by promoting innovative approaches focusing on the development of essential skills, intellectual abilities and specific skills for life and work. Another important activity of the company is the editorial one. BB works for organisations of different levels in the field of graphic layout and editing. In this sector, we have been working for years on the promotion of accessible communication principles: a type of communication which makes information clear, direct and easy to understand. The company is a micro-enterprise and the regular staff is composed of two people supported by a team of external collaborators: graphic technicians, webmasters, trainers and youth workers. Starting from 2013, a significant part of our activities is focused on the implementation of projects funded by the EU.

ENGIM Piemonte

 a vocational training organization

ENGIM Piemonte is a vocational training organization located in Turin, north west of Italy. Its main actions have always been devoted to young people and their initial vocational training as it started its’ activities in the late XIX century. Since 2005, ENGIM has developed a lot of actions also in the field of vocational training, in a broader sense, as for example, courses for migrants, unemployed people, companies and local authorities. The main fields of training are: environment, ICT and communication, management and social care. The organization is part of several networks and provides a tailor made training responding to the needs of the labour market. Its main networks are in the field of young people education, vocational training as a whole, ICT, Energy and environment and sustainable mobility, where ENGIM is in charge of postdiploma and post-graduate courses. The networks involve other educational organizations, companies, universities, research centres and local authorities. During the years ENGIM has also developed a know how in e-learning and content management system developing on-line courses and providing tools for distance learning using web 2.0 tools and devices.
Starting in 2010 ENGIM trains employees affected by the recent economical crises in several fields: about 400 people coming from 100 companies have been trained. Since 2012 ENGIM is collaborating with its partner “Social Fare” to foster social innovation for growth and jobs and with the employment centres for the activities related to the Youth Guarantee scheme. Engim has – in its Torino main centre only – around 50 employees full time and around 700 learners. There are 6 branches of ENGIM in Piemonte for a total of around 200 employees and more than 3500 learners.

Panevėžys LMTC logo

Viesoji istaiga Panevezio darbo rinkos mokymo centras

 a vocational training organization

Public institution Panevezys Labour Market Training Centre was founded in 1952. The organization has the Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001:2015 (LST EN ISO 9001:2015). Panevėžys LMTC provides vocational training at formal and informal level with the following aims: to offer modern vocational training and high quality services both to people and to companies; to anticipate market demands; to effectively respond to the learners’ needs; to pay attention to the development of the local area to use modern technologies in providing training; to employ high qualified and experienced staff.
This methodology allows Panevezys Labour Market Training Centre to implement and offer flexible vocational training programs, adjusted to the demands and needs both of the learners and the market.
The Centre trainers regularly participate to long life learning activities and projects to update and improve their knowledge and skills and collaborate with Labour Exchange and business organizations. The institution consists of four departments: 1st learning department: catering, food production, trade, services, organization and administration training programs; 2nd learning department: beauty services, textile and handicraft, safety training programs; driver’s‘ teaching department; vocational rehabilitation department. More than professional 50 staff members are able to organize continuous trainings all over a year. 180 monthly, 2000 trainers yearly participates in PLMTC trainings.
In 2013 the institution received the award for generating highest continual value and quality project management.