The VEriTage Learners’ Kit

This page is dedicated to the learners. The presentations are linked to the Activities in the teachers’ kit, but have been designed for an independent access and use.
The VEriTage Learners’ Kit
Image: Francis Basset in 1778 on the Grand Tour in Rome – Prado, Madrid. Portrait by Pompeo Batoni.

The Grand Tour

What is it? 

The Grand Tour can be considered an old version of the contemporary Erasmus+

The VEriTage Learners’ Kit
Image: Florilegius / SSPL / Getty Images

The true story of chocolate 

Not everything in chocolate is sweet. Discover why. 

The VEriTage Learners’ Kit
Image caption: a screening of “Bugs” by Andreas Johansen as part of “ Eat:Ith ”.

Novel food

Why not? 

Is novel food the food of our future? 

The VEriTage Learners’ Kit
Image caption: photo by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra – “Francesco Garnier Valletti” Fruit Museum of Turin (Italy).

Food museum: is it tasty? 

Do you know there are many Museums dedicated to food? 

The VEriTage Learners’ Kit
Photo by Lāsma Artmane on Unsplash

Midsummer festivals

Let’s visit Europe on the Midsummer night. Discover more!

The VEriTage Learners’ Kit
Image caption: Image by Elena di Capita, an italian artist that takes inspiration for her work by the Japanese Gyotaku. The Gyotaku – from the Japanese “gyo” (fish) and “taku” (stone imprint) – consists of a natural print of fish and sea creatures on paper.

The anchovy travel  

Traveling through history, geography, economy, enogastronomy and art following an anchovy. Discover more!

The VEriTage Learners’ Kit
Image caption: The Svalbard Global Seed Vault

The Noah’s Ark 

We invite you to visit the world’s largest collection of crop diversity. 

The VEriTage Learners’ Kit
Image caption: photography by Andrew Scrivani

Food photography 

A journey throughout the world of contemporary food photography combining two subjects that are closest to many: culture and food. 

The VEriTage Learners’ Kit
Image caption: the image is from “Eggshibition” a collective exposition of art and food revolving around eggs presented in March 2019 by DesignMarch.

The origin of everything 

A travel inside the famous Fabergé eggs: their origin, history and some curiosities. 

The VEriTage Learners’ Kit
Image caption: Andy Warhol (1928–1987) Campbell’s Soup Cans – 1962.

Food packaging

Packaging is more than packaging. Some hints to reflect on.

The VEriTage Learners’ Kit

Fishing around 

Fishing has been for centuries the livelihood of communities from Europe: fishing has affected traditions, landscape, economy, language, literature, archaeology, jobs in the past but will continue to produce a wealth of products and resources. 

The VEriTage Learners’ Kit

The European footprint 

The cultural heritage of a nation and a continent is made of several pieces of a jigsaw that, ever changing and moving their positions, become its distinctive features.